Happy holiday for AFE designs

Vehicle computer, single board computer, Embedded pc

Vehicle computer, single board computer, Embedded pc

Because the coming of the holiday, the tool itself already has libraries of different sensor profiles, it is easy for a systems engineer to have a starting point in their design. A graphical representation of the output signals from the AFE can be used to monitor systems with close-to-real-time feedback, which will make it very easy to make the AFE adjustments and tuning. All these embedded features reduce complexity in development and thus reduce resource costs.

Once the embedded configuration is set, the tool outputs a register file that can be used by the software on the MCU. The MCU stores the sensor settings in on-chip flash (nonvolatile) memory within its firmware, and when power is applied to the system, the MCU sends the stored settings to registers in the Smart Analog IC, reconfiguring that chip accordingly.

refer to: http://embedded-computing.com/articles/latest-afe-simplifies-interfacing-hundreds-sensors/#at_pco=cfd-1.0

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