5 most desirable choppers for embedded systems (ES)

In Vehicle computer, single board computer, Embedded pc

In Vehicle computer, single board computer, Embedded pc

Embedded Chopper stabilization is required to achieve high sensitivity in latching Hall effect sensors for BLDC motor commutation

Truth: Chopper stabilization is not the only way to achieve high sensitivity. Other technologies and processes are available to manufacturers for high-sensitivity magnetic sensing.

As an alternative to chopper stabilization, Honeywell Sensing and Control has developed a high-sensitivity bipolar latching embedded sensor by combining a quad Hall element and proprietary programming without chopper stabilization. This programming adjusts the magnetics to account for the effects of packaging stresses, thus contributing to the sensor’s high sensitivity. This design offers the required high sensitivity and stable magnetics for BLDC motors, along with the embedded benefits of faster response time, repeatability, improved jitter performance and no additional electric noise generation.


refer to :http://industrial-embedded.com/articles/busting-three-myths-chopper-stabilization/

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